Remove all packaging and place the wax melt in the well of your melt burner.

For Tealight warmers, use with an unscented tealight.

For Electric warmers, use according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Use melters on a leveled & fire resistant surface.

Do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time!


Do not add water to wax!

Do not put your fingers in the melted wax.

Do not leave unattended or leave around unsupervised children and pets.

Add wax little by little to ensure the well will not overflow.

The melter will get hot while in use, please use with caution!

Changing Melts

You can reuse your melts until the fragrance is gone or until there's only less than half of the wax left.

If you would like to change out your wax before then, you can carefully pour the wax back into its original clamshell. Store the wax in a safe place, do not leave unattended!

If you do not have the original clamshell or if it did not come with a container, you can use a heat safe container instead. Once you use this for wax, you should not use it for food afterwards.


Never pour wax into a sink, drain, or toilet!

Do not use metal objects to clean out the wax, this may damage the melter or even crack it depending on the melter.

For melters with removeable wells: while the wax is melted, place a couple cotton balls in the well to absorb the liquid. Discard the cotton afterwards and use a paper towel to clean up the excess wax.


Store your melts in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

Some melts may be scented with fragrances that resemble food or baked goods. To reduce the chances of injury, keep away from unsupervised people and pets even when inside the packaging.