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Deja Vu Melts

Mystery Melts

Mystery Melts

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This box is for the people who just can't choose which wax melts to get from the line of various ones that are in the stock

The box includes 3 randomly chosen wax melts 

All wax melts will come in clamshells Bar form.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Loved this mystery box! This is such a fun way to try out different scents if your not sure which ones to buy. Great variety and got some I originally wanted to purchase!


I loved all the scents in this box they were so nice, so good, loved them. Adored them. Especially the free sample??? Oh my god I got the Tengen one. Holy heck foaming at the mouth, sobbing crying it’s so good. I did end up buying a full bar because of how good it is. You should buy not only the mystery box but also one of those if you like masculine scents, if not then you should check out Sailor Mercury or Uravity, if you like scents in the middle that just smell good i’d suggest anything from this shop other than the three listed above. I love them all, totally buy from them, not to mention they’re so reasonably priced for the amount of product you’re getting. If you use it until the scent is gone you can use one of these bars for what feels like forever, a few weeks at least depending on how warm your burner runs


All of the smells are so good and there’s such a variety, I love them! I got two mystery boxes, one with 5 and one with 3, and all the scents are great. There were also two samples, both of which smelled fantastic as well! I’ll definitely be looking her again in the future:)


I love the scents and even found a new favorite I think.


Okay probably my favorite from my order. I loved all the scents I got.